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Harvest Bird: Notes to Self
Once again I'm trying another wordpress plugin (old, Russian, efficacy unknown) to cross-post my blog entries here.

If any of you gentle readers can suggest a more reliable method of crossposting, I would be grateful.

Assuming not all of you read entries at my other place, the précis is thus: our daughter was born on 17 June, three weeks early. She is now 12 weeks old and doing fine. I'm at home with her until mid-October, when I return to the shaky bosom of my employer.

We have survived, thus far, the Canterbury earthquake of the weekend with our home, possessions and animals intact. I hope this is a once-in-a-lifetime event both for the señor and me and for our daughter.

How are you?

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Greetings, LJ friends. It has come to my attention that the Wordpress Plugin (called LivePress) I use to crosspost entries here from my main site is no longer working since I upgraded to WP 2.8.something mid-October. (2.9 is now out but I am a slow adopter.) This gives the impression that all record-keeping stopped with my hens' day out more than two months ago, which is an appealing notion but nonetheless incorrect.

I will look around for another cross-posting plugin, but in the meantime you are welcome to read the entries at their source. Short version: I'm on part-time secondment to the union for the next few months, I got married in October and I'm having a baby (touch wood) in July. Life is equal parts apprehension and torpor.

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Saturday was the Hen Day and Night. In between lunch and dinner, we went to Willowbank. There we saw the ring-tailed lemurs.

I like this video because you can hear my mother laughing.

[flickr video=4027208317]

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Colloquy with this post.
look back harder
through emptied spaces
no force of hindsight
can move the dust motes
indefinite shadows
the plants' life cycles
our words exhaled
the leaves sucked in.


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Low-quality photos taken on my mobile phone over the last month. Featured player: harvestdad!

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Work, more work, and idling about online, while in our near neighbourhood the earth shakes and the ocean sucks civilians out to sea.

  • A day of more-or-less recovery after lively work-break. Thank you to @saniac and @binkle for Saturday's entertainments. #

  • The personal trainer on the Wii is talking to @knedd in an unnecessarily sexy voice. What happened to "computer says no"? #

  • Fire drill, or, alternatively, fire. #

  • 'Twas a drill, and brief, and while I was out I got an oo-err email about suggesting we address a matter orally #nottooshabby #

  • The bridal party's first dress fitting is this Thursday, (@MeganWegan will be pleased to know). #

  • I've signed up for #Brizzly. So far, so good, although I'm keeping #Twhirl open in the background for automatic updates. #

  • Just mistyped "demographics" as "demongraphics". #drFreudandthedata #

  • Ooh, #Brizzly appears to auto-update. #

  • Gosh, the seconded life is not that different to the teaching life. Extended periods of preparation then contact periods of high intensity. #

  • Why did you come Doug, if you didn't want to light a fire? #fotcwisdom #

  • Damn but I hate the new breast cancer awareness ad. Driven out by mother's denial in the form of a giant tumour. #

  • I feel sick about the destruction in Samoa. #

  • Wednesday night is something like housework night, or the midpoint of the week in which I feel guilty about all the cooking @knedd does. #

  • It's a hard life in the ovarian kingdom this month. I should be sitting on a throne of hot-water bottles sipping peppermint tea, but no. #

  • As suggested by @saniac at the weekend, predictive text that knows common Mori and other NZild words would be very handy. 4th /= hui! #

  • In the midst of assignment marking, submission writing & remuneration review, I am having a dress fitting today. Not feeling v bridal tho. #

  • Today was the third hui in which I have played a small organisational part. My colleague told me I had a good ear for te reo. V chuffed. #

  • Earlier, I felt like a ship being launched in my bridal ivory. Fortunately there are some other, differently-coloured layers to come. #

  • I don't understand breakfast bars. When it comes to breakfast, I'm a low-rider. #

  • RT @lara_w: Please help the Red Cross help our friends in Samoa http://bit.ly/14zHm0, our tweets are with them but practical help rules! #

  • RT @Artandmylife: RT @CherylBernstein RT @ciccariello http://blip.fm/~dp1ja Happy 75th birthday to Leonard Cohen! #

  • Today we went across the road to the ceremony venue to eat lunch, drink a beer and talk about where we would do the deed. #

  • I have five more workbooks to mark, and when that's done, I'll have no more marking until February. #

  • Millie and Evie have pollen allergies. I sniff, they itch and chew. We're this close to have some sort of allergenic road show. #

  • Just watched Dirty Dancing with @knedd, who then directed me to this: http://bit.ly/26uXdL #

  • "Bitch, Lipton knows tea!": http://wondermark.com/557/ #

  • The sun is shining and the mowers are thundering. #

  • While an anecdote is not data, our household also knows the glint in the eye prior to doing something naughty: http://bit.ly/3J6euI #

  • Including the policy is all very well, but is it subject to review by H&S reps? http://bit.ly/itkeB #

  • I don't suppose I should go to literary bookshops for books w pics of puppies. #

  • Mick Harvey sings Serge Gainsbourg. http://blip.fm/~e99tb #

  • Off to a joint-40th birthday party (or, as the hosts put it, 80th birthday party). #

  • By the sounds of it, the weather here isn't as crummy as in Wellington or Dunedin, but it's still crummy, by Jove. #

  • This network drive was supposed to solve all our data storage challenges. In many regards it has, but in others it is vexing indeed. #

  • Across from me, @knedd is watching Tua fell Cameron. Not one of my favourite things, boxing. #

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My thanks to you all for your kind wishes on the next few months' change of occupation. I spent today on sick leave, not discharging my duties. The pattern of the days when I am on my feet and on the job is not that different from the rhythms of teaching: thinking, preparing, doing, reflecting. The difference is that I share my work now with a wider variety of people, and have a rather more looming sense of my responsibilities to others, because I am new at them.

Last week I endeavoured to combine a meeting in Wellington with a few days' break. It may have been a better idea to schedule the break after, rather than around, the meeting, but I am not necessarily the best decision-maker concerning my leisure. Nonetheless, it was splendid to see so many people and do so many things.

I took in the shooting of an episode of Off the Ropes, in the company of Jo, Ms. Ratpony and others, not least among whom was the wrestler Lazarus Volt, for whom we waved glittery lightning bolts o' cardboard and shouted down the Heels with due ceremony. Later, an erotic reading at The Watusi was not quite what I expected, and even as the wine flowed, I considered, not terribly coherently, the problem at hand.

The next day I enjoyed lunch with MTNW and the Gamester at Large, then ambulated from Thorndon to Mt Vic to see the newest premises of Wanda Harland, where I was greeted, unexpectedly, by Kowhai at the counter. This was my chance to see first hand so many of the household items and objets d'art that I have previously viewed only online. Following afternoon tea with Megan, we took the opportunity for a second journey to the original shop in Petone, where I was delighted to meet for the first time the proprietress and make a small purchase. Later I had dinner with Faith, working on luring her back home for my hen's outing in exchange for the imposition of my getting married on her birthday. (I promised not to do it again.)

After Friday's all-day meeting there was just time to take a glass with most of those heading to the WOW opening (which my eye continually misreads as WoW, thanks to where the seor's interests have lain), and on Saturday morning I enjoyed brunch with Dangermouse, with whom I considered the relative ease, or not, of coordinating family members away from home while attending a wedding. During the afternoon I was considerably entertained by the company of Stephen, Kathy and Hannah (whose latest work you can see here), who took me around the south coast, including the sadly-named Happy Valley and the intriguing Carlucci Land. Here, salvaged goods became newly rendered on the landscape. My favourites were these foreground spheres, which rolled out like totems along the driveway.

I returned home to a newly-shorn seor, although the extent to which his more conventional crop has an impact upon the world's gender confusion remains to be seen. We have now less than a month until our wedding, to which I continue to look forward. There are a still a few matters of which to take care, and for which I hope to have more enthusiasm when I am feeling a little more well, and I thank my Wellington friends for their company on what was technically my last out-o'-town outing as a spinster.

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Colloquy with this post.

You whom we made,
you whom we need,

Needless, to say,
mindfully, risingly,

needing, needling,
kneeling, kneading,

the pounding of the dough.
The heart set, to-and-fro.


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A two-week grab-bag.

  • A morning doing union work goes faster than a morning doing teaching prep, but that could be because I'm not at my desk & lack distractions. #

  • After the buzz of the union offices, everything at Desk Central is very quiet and still. #

  • L[ol] @br3nda: http://bit.ly/6CXiD #womenintech #

  • Dear Megan: please go back in time to the cool, pollen-free air of winter. Love, your turbinates and sinuses. #

  • The living room door is open to the porch at 6:25pm! This is almost as exciting as spring blossom. #

  • "Play some god damn Billy Joel!" http://bit.ly/xqPfT #katebeaton #

  • I am wearing contacts as a pre-wedding trial run. First time in about 7 years. Oh how my face has aged. Part dad part grandma part nanna! #

  • What happened to my glorious bone structure? Now my visage is a cross between a potato and a pudding. #

  • As much as it cheers me to know there is a twitter feed called @sinuses, I won't be following back. #followthis #

  • Ta-Nehisi Coates lights up my internet with his writing: http://bit.ly/8kJ5e #

  • Sleep by no means comes too soon: http://bit.ly/ISMOP #

  • Another huge day at work but now I am listening to #ErykahBadu, who always makes me feel as if nothing can go wrong. #

  • TEU on staff-student relationships. (Short version: nothin to gain except killin your brain) http://bit.ly/2SIOvC #

  • Lady Gaga earworm, dangnabbit. @MeganWegan, I'm your papa-razzi, etc. #

  • In working on wedding vows last night, replaced phrase "one true love" with "true love" but am tempted to go with rasta-style "one love". #

  • The suggestion the bride and groom just rap a few verses of Outkast's Miss Jackson has also been made. ("Forever? Forever ever?") #

  • These vows have a certain appeal too: http://bit.ly/x1QVZ #

  • No D&D tonight as the dungeonmaster has gone to Princeton, so I will have my dinner cooked for me in the appropriate fashion #domesticsphere #

  • Arthur's daughter Martha is in pup & due on the day of our wedding. (That's the wedding of @knedd & me. I'm not marrying my dog for now). #

  • Sadly that means Martha's breeder won't be there for the revelry. OTOH, grand pups! #

  • http://twitpic.com/i4x2j - Bring a little NZ cultural modernism to the Kanye Apology Generator: http://bit.ly/AAG1t #

  • I now have bridal lingerie and hosiery, in this season's exciting nanna-neutrals. #

  • It has been a very very mellow day. Currently sipping a White Cliff sauv blanc donated by harvestmother. #

  • Furthermore, I am getting better at using the phrase "it's for my wedding" to get prompt service in this city's retail establishments. #

  • The iTunes version of Wham!'s The Final lacks the remix of I'm Your Man and the instrumental version of Blue (Armed with Love). Feh! #

  • Based on their advertising, I would say the answer to how it feels to chew 5 Gum is: complicated. #

  • I think I love Chris Rock's intonation as much as his jokes. It's one soothing set of incendiary rises and falls. #

  • The question of which dog gets to sit where on the couch has complicated answers. #

  • First blog post by @knedd at http://www.thepubrightnow.com/ #

  • Mood today is less than sparkling. I may try a post-brunch walk in a little while, by way of rehabilitation. #

  • The bags in which http://www.ufitin.co.nz (lingerie shop) pack their products come from here: http://www.lovecalcuttaarts.com/About.html #

  • I went for a ten-pylon stroll in the sun and the wind, from Sockburn to Riccarton Park to Hei Hei #rockingthesouthwest #

  • First line of "They Call Me Big Mama": "They call me Big Mama 'cos I weigh 300 pounds". It quickly gets very saucy indeed. #

  • RT @johubris: turns out the #tikishack will be open on Friday for @harvestbird #

  • Things I have seen and cannot unsee #12897346743: pictures of Jonah Lomu in bodybuilding poses. #

  • Today I am busy but productive. But busy. But productive. But busy. But busy. #

  • Drinking something called a mega mocha. This may not be wise. #

  • I can tell I am learning things with these new responsibilities at work, since each day I start off by thinking, "I can't possibly do this". #

  • So long as I continue to surprise myself, it's all good. I will be the fail-whale-tamer. #

  • RT @johubris: Yup, sorry kids, I'll be being wined and dined and entwined. No #tikishack this Friday. Boo-urns #

  • Results of @knedd and my separate training efforts starting to pay off. We are jumping around like a couple 9/10ths of our age, by gum. #

  • Happy typing error: Victor Hugo becomes Victor Hug. #

  • As much as I enjoy using #Chrome, it doesn't always respond to Javascript commands, and some pdf links crash it at home and at work. #

  • The Rolling Stones' "She's a Rainbow" appears to be in the same key as the start-up music for Windows XP. #

  • It's a glorious day at Christchurch airport. Wellington had better work it for me! #

  • Thank you weather tweeps, this is most asseptable. #

  • A poor choice of bus has led to a light constitutional around South Wellington. #

  • I did not think when making plans for this evening it would involve Full House slash, but who can fault the element of surprise? #

  • But the record should also show that @doompony and I were first-rate cheerleaders at the wresting ce soir. #

  • Oh dear: sic transit gloria slash. It's Dr Phil and the feet of a jogger. I should never have left Kansas, Toto. #

  • A lively evening necessitates a quiet morning. Looking forward to lunch with @lysergica and afternoon tea with @MeganWegan. #

  • ... followed by dinner with a FNOT (friend not on Twitter). Even my mini-breaks involve sitting and eating and sitting and eating. #

  • Lunch with @lysergica and @gamesteratlarge = passetyme with gud companye. #

  • Went to Mt Vic to see @wandaharland at her shop but was greeted instead by @wellykowhai. #splendid #

  • A spontaneous post-cuppa outing with @MeganWegan took us to the Petone premises of one @wandaharland! I have seen the empire's outposts. #

  • I should also note I bought a pack of playing cards with 3D images of puppies. #

  • RT @doompony: rasslin' pics from Wednesday. Too cool. http://www.flickr.com/photos/ratpony/sets/72157622319307141/ #

  • Last night I dreamed of PBRF. It was as frustrating in dreams as in real life. #

  • Cafe eating has now become paying someone to prepare and serve what @knedd makes for free at home. Thus, I turn into my mother. #

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Colloquy with this post.

Oh, we invested in you,
a kind of futures trading:
time, money and mobility
yet to be set aside.

That's the way it goes,
baby, often and often enough:
the word for you was "blighted"
although by whom, dunno.

The last thing we spent on you
was giving you a pronoun:
only once you'd gone from us
were you in the second person.


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